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Shelving...I need it...but what kind?

Storage space. You never think about it until you run out of it. It is essential to keeping your business working efficiently. Now you have set aside the space for it and it is time to fill it with shelving. Clipper shelving? Rivet Shelving? Single rivet or double rivet? Open shelving? Closed shelving? Wood, metal, or wire decking? Max capacity load weight per shelf? Most affordable or most durable? Do those have to be opposites? Easily movable or more permanent?

You could keep running down the "question" line asking every one in the book. But ultimately, you don't need to know the answer to each question. You just need to know how you need to use it and what you need to use it for. The rest of the work can be done by us. We have been providing and installing shelving for 31 years and will help you find the right application for your need.

Just call. It gets easier after you do that.

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