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They are lockers...not wedding cake cases

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

The Jack Phillips wedding cake case just wrapped up and it has been going on since early 2016. That's over two years of waiting to see what the outcome would be.

With lockers, you shouldn't have to wait that long. We are hearing about more and more cases of locker productions taking an obscene amount of time to produce. This is largely due to distributors of lockers who are selling Chinese made lockers. Some of the Chinese lockers are good quality, it's true, it just completely depends on the manufacturer. But one thing is for certain and that is the fact that they have to be shipped across the Pacific ocean to get to you.

I've heard horror stories of containers being stuck at port, others being stalled due to the Chinese New Year, and others being delayed without a known reason or cause. The fact is that there are so many variables when bringing lockers from over seas that you may be waiting a long...long......long time for your lockers. So before you make an order for lockers, make sure you're buying them from someone who provides lockers from a United States locker manufacturer. In fact the only US locker manufacturers of steel lockers are as follows; List Superior, Art Metal Products, DeBourgh, Hallowell, Lyon, Republic, and Penco. If it's not one of these seven, you are buying Chinese lockers from a dealer with the dealers sticker on them.

No matter where you buy, buy from someone you trust. Buy USA made lockers.

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