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We all need a little HOPE during this time...

The Covid craze might be subsiding somewhat but the effect it has had is no less real. Lives have been lost, financial downturns have hit our economy, and businesses everywhere have taken a hit. That being said, we need to have hope. Soon the masses will be back at work, schools will be open, restaurants will be serving food, and you can finally go get that "I did it myself" haircut fixed.

Here at All Storage Products we have been working away during this time. We have been providing a safe place for health care professionals to keep their belongings. The influx of workers in the health field to help manage this situation has increased the need for the number of lockers needed on site at hospitals and testing sites. Not only that, we have been taking care of schools and getting them ready to accept their kids back. There's no time like a closing to take advantage of to take care of maintenance and growth within the school.

Here I highlight an past install at Hope High School! And Gary trying to get out of the picture, gotta move faster than that Big G!

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